My Dreams...

My dreams are.. well.. lets just say different,then other ten year old girls.
My dream is to be standing in my kitchen cooking lunch. serving my children
with whatever they may need. Sitting down around the dining room table
doing school. Standing in the laundery room washing clothes. Finnaly
hearing my husband come home from work. My children running to the
door squeling and waiting for their hugs and kisses. Most girls dream of being
a Vet,Or a doctor,or even what i used to want to be, a Teacher.... But i realized
that the Bible says to be Keepers AT Home, Not IN the home. I realized that i need
to be home caring for my children,instead of following my own desires. But i realized
again that staying home IS my desire! I hope this encourges girls to also realize that.
Not to just be encourged by what i say, but what God says.

                                             May God Keep You and Bless You Always.


  1. Aaliayh, you are so precious! Momma and Daddy love you!!

  2. Aaliyah!!! that is exactly how I want to be!!!!!!!!!! the last few days I have been thinking of what you said and I've been thinking, after many thoughts about it I want to be just like you said!!!!!


  3. That is a very high calling, dear, and shows your heart for your family and God. Keep seeking Him for He alone is worthy!
    Through Christ

  4. Vashti, I am soooo super glad what i said touched your heart!! That is what i am going for! I am even happier that you have choosen to do what the Bible says and follow it,instead of following your own desires!! I am really happy for you!! And you should make a blog!!
    I think you would have a really good blog!! Thanks!!! ~Aaliyah~


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