Anna Faith,
Here is your answer to: What Is Your Stand Of Modesty?

Well for firsts,
I believe that God deserves my modesty, and that anything God asks of me I should do it with no questions. God tells Us to be modest, so therefore, I will do it! I am VERY conservative on what I wear.
For instance, I usually do not wear my skirts above my knees. I consider that as "To Short". My thoughts may change as I get older,
But as of right now, those are my own convictions, No one has told me "Ok you are going to dress this way" or "You will dress that way". I do not think it is ok to wear clothing that draw attention to your body, so much that you can not help but to keep looking. I want to wear nice clothing, But I do not want to look like that.
My Mother will even tell people, I go beyond what they ever said about modesty. But I do not think it is wrong or it is a sin to wear pants. I do think that I should not wear skin tight pants that show every curve in my body. I am allowed to wear pants at home,But my parents ask of me to wear a skirt in public and in church. And most of the time you will find me wearing a skirt or a dress at home even though I don't have to. I would like to let you know that these are my convictions and I do not expect you to follow them. This is what I believe in my own heart. These are MY convictions not anyone else's. Some people may think I am magorly over doing it. But I beileve that this is what God whats me to do. Modesty is VERY important to me. If you would like for me to post more about this please comment. Thank You! I very much enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it!


  1. Very beautiful and well written, Aaliyah. :)

  2. I am with you!
    Thanks for answering.

  3. Thank You Both!


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