My Family!

This was asked by the lovely Anna Faith! You people out there may think you have the best family in the world, well you can keep thinking that, but I am sure my family is best! (just joking! I am sure your family is GREAT! lol) Anyways Here they are!

This is a picture of the people who started this family!
My Mom: Stacy And My Dad: Larry!

The Lovely Amber, Is Number #1 In the kid line up!
She is a GREAT Sister! And She is 16!
This is me! I am Number #2!
I am 10
Ok! As you can see, Yes! I do have four brothers!
Devin is the eldest boy, and he is 9 going on 10 March 16th!
Elijah is a GREAT brother! He takes a LOT after Devin!
He is: 7
Josiah is 3rd and he is a little cuddle bug! He is : 6
Judah, he is a cute little thing! And he is 4!

Glory Anna is last in the line up! She is the most precious thing you ever laid your eyes on!
She is 16 months!

I Hope You Enjoyed This!


  1. What a wonderful family :-D

  2. Sweet post! :) Lovely pictures and your family looksl lovely!

  3. Thank You Kathryn! A.K.A Chatty Kathy! lol

  4. Willa,
    You are a Lovely Young Lady!
    Thank You!

  5. Such a lovely family you have! :) Gorgeous pictures.

  6. Thank You Tane! <3 (Hearts!)

  7. My favorite family!!


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