Welp, Today for the first time EVER I playing Mini Golf! I know you might say, "Serously? Never?" Well, Sorry to say but "Yes.. Never.." So anyways I teamed up with my bestie (one of them anyways) Sarah Kate! Here She Is! (down there, Yes there! lol)
Anyways at first I had NO idea how to even hold the stick thingy! (see thats how you know I am being truthful because I don`t even know what the stick thingy is called! ) So it was quite an experience! It was SO much fun though! I got 16 out of 18 holes! For my first time I think thats pretty good if I must say so myself! lol Anyways I`d LOVE to stay and Chit-Chat with you BUT I have to go try to find somthing to cook for dinner! lol (my momma is gone! ) Bye Bye!
Sarah Kate!

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