How To Make A Voting Poll.

Hello! Today I will show you how to make a voting poll, for those of you who don`t know. So here it goes!
                                                    Ok, So first go to blogger dashboard,.
                                                     Then press Design,
                                                       Then, Add A Gadget.
                                                     This is wht you should see.
                                                         Then if you scroll down, yo will see a
                                                     gadget called "Poll"
                                                          Then click the littl blue + sign,
                                                       Then type in whatever you want.
                                                           Then add your answers.
                                                                 And then your settiings.
                                                                     Then Save! Enjoy!



  1. Wow, I've run into a lot of people who use the old blogger interface! I actually prefer the new one.

  2. Nice post ;)
    @Kathryn, yeah I used to hate the new interface, but I'm used to it now.
    <3 Laura

  3. Anonymous5/11/2012


    i awarded you on my blog! check it out!


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