Josiah Is a little snuggle bug. He is so sweet! I love him dearly. He hardly ever speaks an unkind word to anyone. Josiah wants to be a "Christian Cowboy"
he calls it. He has always loved farms, animals, tractors, John Deere, anything farmish. Which is a good thing, considering, we live on a 50 acre farm.
Josiah wants to go to Montana when he grows-up.
Josiah loves: Babies, tractors, farm, farm toys, John Deere, and the color yellow.


  1. Good job honey.I do love my little cowboy.

  2. Little brothers are such a blessing! :) It's also cute and often times hysterical to ask any little kid what they want to be when they grow up

  3. Wait, your brother likes Barbies??!! Wow, know I have heard of everything! :)



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