My New Obsession!

Ruffles and Stuff Website. That's my obsession! I have just taken in a "Sewing Mood" about three days ago. I have made a dress, that was supposed to be my sister Glory`s, but turned out to be a 12 month size! I have made a skirt for my 3 year old cousin Kadence, and a skirt for me,
a apron for my lemonade stand, a star headband, and still sewing!

Here is the skirt I made for myself,
The only bad thing about the skirt, is that it makes me look kinda wide, but it`s comfy and the first thing I actually sewed, and it worked, so I like it!I am making another skirt for me today, and make my sister Glory one to match! I will post pictures! Don`t you worry! Except the skirt I am making today, will not look like the one above, and it will probably have pockets! I love pockets! Don`t you?

                                           Anyways! Gotta go!
                              Lemonade stand and skirt making awaits!

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