The Skirt I Made for Glory.

Here it is! Please comment if you like it! I am thinking about trying to sell these skirts, What do you think? Sorry about the lines! I don`t know why it does that!

playing on the iPad!


  1. I love it!!!
    Oh my, this young generation is so techno! My sister Mary (you've met her through Skype) is sooo good at Angry Birds!!! And Glory is playing on an ipad!! LOOOOL

  2. I know right?
    And Glory will throw a HUGE fit if you take the iPad away from her!

  3. Hey Aaliyah...A tip on the raw edges...Fold the material inwards and pin it down. Then sew over it with a straight 5/8ths line! It should do the trick! I think you are really talented...just try to perfect that last little detail and I think your skirts will sell like Hot-Cakes!n :-)


  4. Hey girl!

    I awarded you at my blog!
    Your sister is adorable! Yeah my siblings are very good at iPad stuff to!



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