Tick-Tock There Goes The Clock...

I am just going to start out this post with..   "Wow".

Time has come and gone so quickly. It seems like just yesterday it was my 10th Birthday, now I am eleven, and it`s almost summer! Man...... 

Tell me people, how do you spend your time? Is the sky your limit? Or are you the person who likes to just be an ordinary?

Cherish -  Your time while you have it.

Love - Like you never have, before its too late.

Live -  Like your dieing tomorrow.

Remember - "Life Is But A Vapor"

Everyday, every step you take, is getting you closer to the glorious day! Where you see your Lord! That died for you, To set you free! How amazing will it be! To see the person, you worked hard for too see! I can`t imagine the feeling! Can you? And Heaven! How amazing that will be! No pain, no tears! No sin! Can you believe it? Things will be exactly how it was ween God created it to be before sin! How.... Well.. It`s Indescribable! It`s going to be amazing! I just can`t wait! Just think, a lion, will sit with a lamb! How wowing is that! {like my new word?} I wonder what it will be like? Wow.....

            P.S. Please comment your thoughts, about what you think heaven will be like?



  1. Happy Birthday!! :D I had no idea we were the same age! :D I will be 11 in September :)

  2. Awesome! You should email me sometime! Do you Skype?

  3. Wonderful post! I definetly want to get out my ordinary comfort zone this summer.


  4. It will be amazing for sure!!! I'm glad I'll get it be there forever with you!


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