100th Post!

YAYY! I am so happy! I am very happy that I made it this far in the hectic blog world without giving up! You know what I mean, you know, when you start a blog, you get more emails than you used to, and you always stay on the computer longer than you should, etc.

Anyways, I decided to make this 100th post of Thank You`s. 
And please don`t be offended if I don`t say thank you to every person I follow. That's just to hard to do. 

These thank you`s, go to the people, and blogs that helped me most, gave me encouragement, and all that other good stuff! 
Here it goes!

Dad - Thank you dad, for providing me with everything I need.
For teaching me how to love God, and try my best to live a life worth pleasing to him. I love you Dad!

Momma @ A Holy Calling. - Mom, thank you for everything. For being willing to be patient with me as I grow and learn more. For teaching me school, feeding me, (and dad for working to buy those things) and also being willing to have lots of brothers and sisters for us so we won`t be lonely :) Thanks Mom, and I love you.

Amber @ I Kissed My Life Good-Bye. - Amber, thank you for being the greatest big sister ever. I love you very much. You are always so patient and kind to all of us. Sometimes we don`t get along so well, but we get over it quick don`t we! We have such great times together!

Olivia @ Fresh Modesty. - Thanks Olivia, for an awesome blog. For encouraging others, and me included, that you can look modern, but be modest. Thank you for the inspiration to help me start my blog,
Imperishable Beauty. Thanks again Olivia!

Kathryn @ Chatty Kathy - Thanks Kathryn! For everything, for being my skype friend (hehe), for an awesome blog, for the funny person you are! Thanks Kit Kat! lol

Kathryn @ Breathings of Your Heart - Thanks for making a place where girls can write, and use their imaginations! Thanks!

Sarah @ Pearls on a String - Thanks Sarah, for an awesome blog!
I can tell by your blog and skype, that you have a very sweet personality! Thanks Sarah!

Disney @ Ruffles and Stuff - Thanks Disney, for all your tutorials, and tips, that keep me busy doing good things! Thanks!

Marcelle Renee @ Miss Paris Chic - Thanks for your wonderful blog, chats with me about Paris, and your awesome personality!

And Last But Not Least....

Purity Leigh @ Feminine Farmgirl - For a great blog, and sharing your life on your farm! I live on a farm to, so it`s nice to know there is someone out there in the blog world, sorta like me! hehe!

                               I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Fantastic!!! And what an awesome idea!
    Thanks so much :) You're such a sweet girl!


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