Guest Post By Rachel .S.

Thanks For doing this rachel! Your awesome!

Hey! It`s Rachel .S. From Stand Out, Don`t Fit In !

Heres some random stuff about me.

I am the youngest- of 6 kids. 2 older sisters and 3 older brothers. I can't wait to meet the other in Heaven! I didn't know him though...

I am an Aunt to two adorable neices and nephews that my sister in law had who married my older brother. I feel very privilaged to be one. so young!

I am 16 and feel young, I guess youngests always feel young.. right no matter how old you are?

I love writing, i have written one romance novel, eeK! I was young when I wrote it and I am working on a novel right now!

My theme is Stand out don't fit in, it means for me that to stand out of the world's Standerds, to be a light in the World.

I am Canadian and American, live in Canada and no, I haven't seen polar bears roaming around and royal canadian mounties riding. And tim hortins isn't my favorite place.

I love my family! My best friend is my older sister, we hang out a lot! and I have other good friends.

And I love blogging.
 -Rachel .S.


  1. Great guest post Rachel!

  2. thanks Emma! glad you enjoyed it

  3. Okay, WOW!! Your blog is SO pretty!! And I love your button! I will be sure to put it on my sidebar!! One question? How did you put 1 little thought? Instead of 1 comment. Thanks


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