A guest post by Trinka!

Hello, you lovely people!
My name is Trinka, and I'm guest posting for Aaliyah!
The thing is, I truly don't know what to post about...so would posting solely on myself be too boring? Well, ahh...too bad. That's all I can think of to post on. ;)

  • I am, first of all, a follower of Jesus
  • HE is my best friend. Which...sort of sounds cliche, but it's true!
  • I am somewhere in my teen years
  • My birthday was 4 days ago
  • I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday {oh, joy, oh delight!} :P
  • I have a blog, {Amazing Love}, although I'm on a sort of break from it for the Summer.
  • I knit and crochet.
  • And after reading this post by Talia, I'm interested in learning to craft with duct tape :)
  • I'm hunnnnnngry.
  • This blog is pretty amazing. If you haven't all ready started following Aaliyah, do so. NOW. Please?
  • Dude, my gums hurt!!!!!!!!
  • Anybody have any tips on what to eat? All I have at the moment is yogurt and Jello....not verry appetizing to me at the moment. :P
  • Would it be crazy to admit that I've already started on making Christmas presents? :)
Well, I hope y'all weren't too  bored out of your minds.
If you made it to the end of this post, you have earned a virtual cookie from me :)

If you want to visit my blog, go HERE. If you would like to email me, address it to

Have a lovely day!


  1. Trinka, I loved this! "Dude, my gums hurt!" Haha I can't wait 'til you start blogging again.:]


  2. Cool guest post.

    I had to have my wisdoms pulled out too! :(
    You should keep them but peoples mouths are getting smaller and smaller!

    When I had them pulled I ate chicken and herb soup and ice cream (Chocolate and vanilla)! Make sure to clean out your teeth when your done eating! you don't want an infection!

    btw Happy birthday :)

  3. nice to hear from you again Trinka!

    --Rachel S

  4. I enjoyed reading your guest post!! Hmm...I had my wisdom teeth out earlier this year- it was fun (just kidding). I enjoyed eating mashed potatoes, ice cream and applesauce. Not sure if anything like that would be appetizing for you? Hope you start feeling better soon!!

  5. I loved this post Trinka!! It is always fun getting to know other bloggers :)

  6. Two contests going on!


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