Trying To Do A Good Post For Once... :/

So by my title, your probably thinking "Oh... I wonder what she will post? " excitedly or say "Oh My...I wonder what she will post this time.... " kinda ... not.. excitedly... :/ hehe! Please post your comments about my posts? I mean if you like them or not... Thanks!

So today I thought I would post about.................


Purity, is a very important thing to me. But don`t get me wrong. I don`t think at all, if you kiss before your married, its a sin. I do not Whatsoever think that. I do hope I do save my first kiss for that special day, but I do not think at all, it is wrong, or a "sin" if you do.
I also don`t want to grow up being known as the girl whose dated everyone in the youth group. I actually am not so crazy about the whole "Dating" thing. Although I do not think it is wrong if Sally the neighbor dates! hehe! I just think it would be so special if I could tell my husband, that I have never, kissed anyone but him, never dated anyone, or anything! Not saying I am "Super Religious" or anything, but I do think purity is important. But again, I do not think it is wrong for others to date, or kiss before they are married, or engaged. But I do think for me, that I hope I do save that only for my husband. Truthfully, I think dating is just a practice for divorce. You date one boy, break up, find another boy you think is cute or what ever, break up again, and repeat. These are just my feelings about it. And I am glad I have Christian, and Godly parents, that thinks the same. I just hope you realize these are my feelings, and not anyone else's. Just as I said in my post about the topic "Modesty".  Modesty and purity is one of the many most important things  to me. But do I think you are going straight to hell if you date? Or kiss before your married? Nope! Sure don`t!

I really like the book "The Princess and the Kiss" . I think all girls, should read this. It is sorta a Princess story and all, but it has a good message.

                            I must retire now, hehe! But I hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Thank you so much Aaliyah for posting this!


    P.S. I am your new pen pal, Emma's older sister. :)

  2. Thank you Aaliyah! I really agree with you!


  3. You did a great job!
    I agree,I think you should wait to kiss! Save you kiss for the man you know you will marry. I also think you should court and not date!

  4. Hannah,
    I had no idea we were oen pals?
    I knew me and EMMA were pen pals?

  5. Wait, I didn't mean that we were pen pals. I was trying to say that I am Emma's older sister. Sorry if I sounded confusing. :P


  6. Ohh! Sorry Hannah! I hope I didn`t sound rude! I was a little confused!


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