Winner Of The Photo Challenge!

Hey all! Whatcha up to? Me... Nothing much.. Just a bunch of things going on right now...yyeahhhh.. :/ Anyways getting you out of the sadness, (hehe) I will now give my speech,

                 Thank You everyone for entering the photo challenge!
     It was great fun to do this! I will defiently do a drawing challenge,
                                 and another photo challenge!

                        Well.... Congrats to.....................


                                                         Congrats Katherine!
                               You are turning out to be the photo
                              challenge Queen! lol

        By the way.. Thats an idea! What do you all think about having a photo challenge turnament? And whoever wins is the Queen (or King?) of the photo challenge! Tell me what you think!



  1. I think that would be fun!

  2. That would be awesome!!

  3. Thank you!! :D
    haha I guess i am! ;)
    That would be so much fun!

  4. Congrats kathrine! Lovely photo. That sounds like a fun idea.


    Ps. I awarded you on my blog.


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