~Guest Post By Anna-Faith~

Hello Followers of Growing in His Image!
First of all I'd like to introduce myself.
My name is Anna-Faith Kiser. I live in a town in Kentucky named Shelbyville. I have 7 siblings. 3 sisters and 4 brothers. I live on a farm where we have laying hens {yes, about a 100}, 4 Dairy Cows, 6 Cats, 20 Broarding race horses, and 3 other horses. My hobbies are baking, crafting, swimming, horseback riding, and helping out on our farm.

Okay, I need to stop talking about my self and start talking about Aaliyah.
So first of all I have to say that Aaliyah is an awesome girl. She is friendly, kind , creative, and a awesome godly girl! I have never met her is person but I hope to one day.

I think I'll post some photo's:

                      This is a photo of my riding a horse name Molly. ( I riding english thought in this picture I'm not)

Here is a photo of me and my BFF Addie.

This is a photo of me (and the chicken) in Egypt were we did missions for 3 months.
I also lived on Sudan for 2 years and Jordan for 2 years also.

That will be all for today!
Please contact my:


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  1. Nice to meet you, Anna-Faith. :) I liked your pictures. :D


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