Big Announcement!

The announcement is...........

The People have spoken! "Imperishable Beauty" will open and RISE AGAIN! lol Just kidding :)
I am getting a little "too" dramatic..
BUT! I am excited that my blog is opening today, and obviously, so do my dear, lovely, ahh so lovely followers! :)

So I hope everyone will be happy with the decision! I do need a blog design though for it, because do to the fact it has been deleted for so long, and the new Blogger design, my :(
So any ideas for a blog design are appreciated! 

(one of my favorite pictures ever!)




  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL maybe I am being to dramatic myself ;)

  2. lOl! I am actually glad you had a bit of dramatiziam (lol) it shows me how excited you are! lol
    I have missed talking to you!

  3. Blogging is so much fun, isn't it?! Welcome back. :)

  4. I would love to design it! Just go to my main blog and comment on my designing page if you want one done!!


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