Happy Love Day!

 Happy Valentines Day everybody!
I had a WONDERFUL Valentines day! My day started with going to our homeschool co-op, and then me being delightfully surprised  by my lovely,kind,AMAZING Dad with roses, and a Snickers :) 
The funny thing is, when my younger brother Judah,  who happens to adore chocolate, said
"I`m having the chocolate!" lol! 
Anyways, sadly I didn`t get one single valentine from any of my (co-op) classmates! Just sad...
My Dad had work, and a meeting at our church, so we are going out Saturday for Dunkin` Dounts and lunch I think! I hope everyone had a wonderful Love Day! 
I have been thinking, and a WONDERFUL present for me would be for all of my lovely followers, would share my blog on yours, to get me some more followers!       

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