Happy Easter!

The only thing that makes me truly sad about Easter, is that when people (not you in particular) think of Easter, they don`t think of the resurrection of Christ. They think of the Easter bunny,
                                 Or Easter Egg hunts.

 And even Christians, often think more about these things than the real reason. I have been guilty of this for years. But as I have grown closer to God, I have realized that I have been very.. Well... worldly! I have been thinking that my Easter would not be complete without a Easter egg hunt, or the tradition we have with my family's  (on my Dad`s side)  holiday potluck. But no. I don`t need all of that. And honestly, those things have kept me further away from the Lord, because of my silly thinking. Not saying that you should stop hunting Easter eggs, or anything, but this is my personal thing.
So just remember that Jesus is the reason!



  1. true!

    I think your email got hacked..

  2. Hey,
    what I meant by your email being hacked is, I got an email from you, it was a link to a wait loss thingie. It was like one of those virus websites or somthing I think, and I thought, "Why would se send me a wait loss food (thing)" so yea.. so I thought maybe you were hacked. Lots of people are getting hacked recently. My friend got hacked and had to make a whole new email account. :(


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