life // sick...

My title my confuse you, but let me explain.

The "sick" is because I am sick today! Yayy! (just so you know, that was sarcasm) Oh don`t you just love the feeling of stinging every time you swallow (and when you don`t), sudden tiredness, the feeling that your ears could explode any minute and feeling like you can`t breathe! Lovely! lol

And "life" because of what I am about to write.

Life is indeed a journey. Sometimes hard, sometimes full of joy, but either way, should we complain about pour life? Nope. Not for a zip-zap-teeny-weeny-littlest-second. Our life is a miracle! God has a special plan for every single one of us! Sometimes, it is very easy for you to believe the devil`s lies, and think that your life is meaningless. But that is FAR from the truth. God didn`t have to bring you into this world. But He did! And I am so glad He did! Because I have had the opportunity to have four wonderful brothers, and two wonderful sisters. Parents that love God with everything within them, and a home, running water, clothes,shoes,a healthy body (well not right this minute! hehe) and most of all, I know the power of a loving God, a real one. Not a statue, or an idol. Or something made up. A God who has power to raise people from the dead, to give the blind sight,to tell the lame to walk and they walk! And not to mention the things He has done for my family and I! That`s a whole other blog post :) Just think of all the innocent children who were murdered (notice I said murdered, because truthfully, that`s exactly what it is!) by abortion, who didn`t even get a chance at life. But, I don`t know about you, I would rather be in the presence of God, than here on earth :) And really, if all the eight babies, my Mom miscarried were born I would have 14 siblings! And I would LOVE that! They may sound crazy to you, but I love my siblings! And I especially love babies! But I know that truthfully I have eight siblings in heaven, that I haven`t even met. Yet I know, they are in the presence of God, and to think that millions of babies are entered into heaven each day, wow.

So. The meaning of this blog post is: Never take for granted your life. EVER!



  1. That was beautiful! My mom has miscarried 2 babys (one was my twin) and my parents first born, Andrew, was brought in to the word to early and lived for less than 24 hours. If they were here I would have 13 siblings, but they are not here they are in Heaven with God and I am very happy for them to be able to spend that glorious time with Him.. but I do wonder often what thier lives would have been like. And I miss them, before I have even met them I miss them.. but I know one day I will see them in Heaven. ♥♥♥

  2. Emmy,
    Thanks for your comment!
    So you have eleven siblings? I only have six :)

  3. Your welcome (:

    I have crazy 10 siblings (11 including myself) I am greatful for each and every one of them!! 6 is a big family! you are blessed as I am :)

  4. *I meant 7 is a big family :D

  5. 7 kids defiantly dosen`t seem like a big family too me at all! I hope I can have many many more in the (near? lol) future :)


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