my blog lately // need inspiration

So. My title says it all.

My blog lately has stunk.
short posts, posting once a month, my design has to be fixed, and I know it but just to lazy to send an email.
I have had enough.

So I will try to post more often. If I don`t post at least once a week, I will be counting on my fellow
blog friends to remind me :) Either by email, commenting , whatever.

                                                          Holi Color Runs!
               Just discovered these! I think they are SO neat! Have any of you been to one? 



  1. Nonsense!your blog is just beautiful!! but if you wish I will halp remind you :)

    Those color runs look super cool!!I think it would be awesome to be in one!! :D

  2. I know how hard it is to post. Don't feel bad. We all understand. :) That run looks so awesome!! :)

  3. Thanks girlies!
    Really encouraging!


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