just in case your wondering what I did for April fools... // spring!

I was a sneaky girl this April Fools. But, if I dare say so myself, I did some pretty awesome pranks :)

Cup of water over bathroom door. When you shut the door, you will get a liquidy surprise!

I put tape over the sprayer thingy, *me sitting on couch waiting while Mom is in kitchen getting water* Me: Mwahhaahaaa ( in head). *few seconds later* Mom: AHHHHHHH! AALIYAH MARIE! she wasn`t really mad, she was just screaming fairly loud. Oh sorry, I meant to put "LOUD" ! 

Okay, okay, I know that I have been talking alot about spring lately, but just in case you haven`t noticed, it is my favorite season!

So This girl came over! Yep, the cute little (okay maybe not so little cause she almost 14, but ya know whateve`s) red head, that I blog about quite a bit!

 And we baked a couple cupcakes! Okay, I lied, maybe not just a couple , maybe like (no kidding, you can ask my parents, we baked all.day.long. Well, when we weren`t trying to get a bobby pin out of the church door, that we tryed to break it open with to get some water after a long bike ride, but that`s another story, and don`t worry, it was my Grandpa`s church, so don`t think we are criminals or anything :) But, anyways we made about.. Well, we made about 8 new recipes, so I guess about 8 dozen. No kidding. Needless to say there were alot of dishes to do!

Our mini wedding cake we made out of two large cupcakes, and a mini cupcake!

Welp Folks, that`s all for today!



  1. Anonymous4/09/2013

    I did that second post you blogged about on my mom too! She screamed for a second, turned off the water, and went into a burst of laughter. :) At least she's a good sport!

  2. Lol! Cool pranks. For April fools, my older brother Josh and I took the iphone case off of my older sisters iphone, and put it on a fake iphone that my younger brother had. Then we pretended to accidentally(or throw it!) drop it in front of her...you should have seen her face! Haha! Right now, for us in South Africa, it is Autumn. :) The month I was born in.
    Great post, Aayliyah!
    Tane xxx

  3. haha.. I loved this blog!!! You guys looked like you had fun!! I love the bit about the bobby pin! Made me laugh and think about the time I unlocked the bathroom door with a knife!! haha ;)

    Sara-Jayne xxoo


  4. Thanks Girls!
    I love your comments!
    And Tane, your prank was bar far the best I have heard :) lol


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