New Email! Please read if you follow my blog :)

Welp... As sad as it may be, someone has hacked my email, and I can`t get in to it :(
So I am giving you my new email now. I am going to mention a few people that I need their email addresses for certain reasons.  Please email me at:

Kathryn- from Chatty Kathy

Tangerine-Tane-  from Fifth Out of Ten

Anna- from For His Glory

All Breathings of Your Heart members,

Emma- from The Ramblings of Emma

And anyone else I missed, that I frequently email.


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry about your hacked account - it's terrible when that happens. Well, I will add your new email address to my gmail contacts now. Thanks for letting us know, Aayliyah!
    Tane xxx

  2. I just discovered your blog as I have just started one myself -

    Anyway I just wanted to say how pleased I am to find another girl on the internet who has a heart for God. It's so inspiring!!! I've also been reading your other blogs and loving them!!!

  3. Thanks Sara Jayne!
    And also thanks Tane!


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