Awk+Awe Uhh.. Saturday?

Hey all! I know it is not Thursday, but... Whateverrrr...

Awkward :/

Making brownies, and then opening the mix, and it going ALL over you. How Lovely! (sarcasm)

Going to post the Vlog today, and end up can`t getting it uploaded. I`ll try tomorrow. P.S. I made the video over, and over about four times.

Almost couldn`t find a envelope to fit the cards I sold! (Don`t worry, Anna! I found one!)

Not remembering anything awkward.

Glory, (2) who usually screams at the sight of any slimy animal, to our surprise, came in the house
holding and kissing a frog. No, the frog did not turn into a prince. (I wish! lol)

Dreams. (when you sleep kinda dreams)  I have the weirdest. Ask anyone who knows me! P.S. To those who I have told my dreams to, here is a message for you: "SALT!"  Bahahaaaaaa

Awesome! :D

Hearing God`s voice.

Brownie sundaes tonight! Need I say more?

Sold two cards from my shop (in previous posts) and am in the process of selling another!


A extreme joy in our family, which I will post about later.

Sitting at the piano, and just start playing a song you have never played, and end up singing a made-up song to the Lord. That was great. I felt His presence so strong.

Church tomorrow.


Vintage things.




  1. Oh gosh XD I love this post!! Glory is so cute!! :D

  2. Emma,
    Yes! The little darling is getting bigger, and cuter every day!


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