Some want people to notice their hair, make-up, and what they dress like.
Some think that being in style is what is important.
Some believe if people like you, and your popular, you doing great.
Do I believe these things?
Not for a minute. You know what I want?
I want people to notice Jesus in me. Not my looks.
If I am never in style, but others see Jesus shining in me, who cares!
If I am never popular, and no one likes me, but Jesus is my only friend. Who cares!
That should be a joy! Not a troubling thought!
I am often very guilty of these things. I think to much on how I look, and if I have any good friends.
Guess what? When friends let you down, Jesus never does.
When friends are mean, and cruel. Jesus never is.
When friends gossip and spread sometimes not even true things. Jesus never does.
Jesus is the only friend you should ever lean on.
Jesus loves you, even when friends don`t.
When you are lonely and afraid, Jesus is there.
When friends cause you to fall. Jesus is right there to catch you.
Jesus is everything a friends isn`t.

The most important thing to Christians should not be about having friends and good looks.
They should want Jesus, and some more of Jesus.

This belongs to Aaliyah Meece. please ask permission before use of any photos of mine.



  1. Fabulous post!!!! I truly feel exactly the same as you do :) Thanks for posting this- you are such an inspiration!

  2. Awww! Thank you Britt!


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