time just flys...

" Can you believe it is actually ___ already?". That is a line a frequently write in my journal.
Last night the word to fill in the blank, was "May".  Can you believe it is May already? I certainly can`t! I don`t honestly know how time just flys right by when your not looking. It seems like you could just blink, and you will miss something.
Time has really flew by.

My photography has changed. (This was taken in 2011 I think.)
Little Sisters have grown. She was 1 here. She is going to turn 3 in November!

Little brothers turn 5, before you know it.

Friends get older, but that dosen`t change the fun.

Familys are forever loved.
No matter how fast time flys.....



  1. Aw, this was so sweet! And I loved the pictures!

    You are so right. Time flies.
    And people get older, memories fade, memories are made, things happen. But God stays the same.
    That is great to know in a time flying world, yeah? ;)



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