-finding out the gender of the baby! (post later!)

-a restaurant called: Red Lobster. yummolicious.

- (conversation held at Chinese Buffet) *me* "hey, you! Elijah!" *elijah (9yrs)* "what?" *me* "do I have ice cream on my face?" *elijah* "no. all I see is beautifulness"  (how cute is that?)

-my sweet daddy`s burf-dee is today! (birthday, said in my language.)

-the 'Monsters University' movie coming out! (yep. I still love the movie.)

Awkkkwardddd.. (yep. you know the voice to this title.)

-seeing a guy and a lady in Wally-World (again,Walmart said in my language) wearing a HOT pink shirt saying: "Don`t laugh at my girlfriends shirt."

-burning butter. not just 'burning' it, I mean burning it till it turns black. now that's talent.

-not air conditioning in your 15 passenger van. wow. it gets hot in there!

-not knowing what to say in my post now....


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