overdue // a contest

hey there!
I am not sure why i am posting anything today.. I guess i just felt like it.
overdue. everything.
my posts are long overdue
my vlog is overdue (should be posted by saturday)
even my library books are close to 3 months overdue! That`s normal for our family of 9 :)
Mannnnnnn.... i need help. Hahahaa
So! I officially and truly apologize for every bit of my overdue problems. 


  Alrighty! I have decided that we should have a contest! A baking contest!

To Enter:
1. First, decide what you want to bake. Anything. Even cookies will do.
2. Then fix your dish up real nice, snap some pics, ya know, all that good stuff.
3. Send you entry`s to my email.  growinginhisimage@yahoo.com
4. Your entrys must be in by June 29th.
5. Voting starts August 1.
6. Winner will be announced August 17th. 

1. There is no age limits. 
2. You have to either have a email, or blog, so that I can get your photos, and stay in contact with you.
3. You have to post about this on your blog, also with a link to this post, and you can also add the contest button above to your blog.
4. Have fun!

Winner will receive:
1.A button saying you won my contest.
2. A card of your choice from my etsy shop.

Please Enter! And also, give your advice on a possible monthly newsletter?



  1. I will absolutely enter and will spread the news:-) Many blessings, Kelly-Anne


  2. I'll enter soon!! Thanks for this!!! :) Talk soon!! :)

  3. I entered!!!! Thanks so much :)


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