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hello all! I wanted to share with you, all the books I have read in 2013!

"Bible" - It`s an awesome book, filled with truth,wisdom,and a guide to being a Christian! lol

"The Diary of Anne Frank" - This was the second time I read it, and I still LOVED it just the same!

"A Love that Multiples (19 Kids and Counting: 2nd book) - Awesome! I loved this book so much!

"Stepping Heavenward" - AMAZING! Ahhhh! realllyyyyyy good book!

"October Baby" - Ohhh.. How do I even put this into words. It was.. just... great! I think I liked it better than the movie! It is so detailed, (I recommend to watch the movie first.) so you understand the movie so much better. AWESOME book! It is fifty chapters, and I finished it in two days. That's how good it was.



  1. I haven't seen October Baby yet!! I really want to watch it!! It's on my 'Must Watch' list.... haha ;)
    Sara-Jayne xx

  2. October Baby!!!! Such a great movie!!! I did not know there was a book, might have to look into that. I haven't read Stepping Heavenward yet, but have heard the audio book.


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