life lately...

hey ya`ll! (yes, I am from Kentucky, and get used to it lol)

sorry it has been so long since I posted last. technology hates me at this point I believe. no kidding.

day 1 - my laptop keys are messed up, and I cannot type in my password. joy.

day 2 - I go to my grandmas house to use her computer, and it is broken.

day 3 - our family computer not only has a horrible virus, but the Wi-Fi is not working either.

day 4 - the dvd player stops working

day 5 - Netflix, my lovely Netflix tells me there is something wrong with our payment method. ugggghhh!

so! I am veryyy lucky to be able to write this post! lol

Welp. At least Ale8 still tastes great :)

lol Gonna go now! :(


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  1. Man, that's tough! Glad you could make the post:)


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