the "behind the scenes" of my post, "sometimes you just need a smaller broom"

alright. I am doing pretty good. two posts in a week! well, that's surprising,

anyways. here`s the "behind the scenes"..

that day in the bathroom, when God have me the idea for that post, I honestly.. well, I honestly thought it was crazzyyyy.

Me: I mean, really? brooms? hahahaaa.... no."
God: Just do it.
Me: but.. I can already hear my followers laughing at me! this is stupid.
God: So, all you care about is what people think of you? everyone hated me.
Me: well... I guess your right. Well, no! Your always right! haha
God: just do it.
Me: .........okay... I`ll do it.

So. low and behold, about 30 minutes later, I had a post up. I was so nervous that night, thinking  that everyone would hate my post, and I would be looked at this stupid person, who can never write a good post.

The next day, I woke up, done my normal routine, and finally got to my laptop.
everyone loved my post. I had several comments, and likes.
I was over joyed. I am SO glad I trusted God, and done what He had asked of me.

Moral: Just trust and obey..



  1. The moral is so true!!!

  2. Hello Aaliyah!
    I read this post and then went back and read your 'broom' post, and it really was a great post! Good for you doing what you knew was the right thing when you didn't want to!!!


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