happy birthday sweet Glory

Happy birthday sweetness! I love you!
Three years ago, November 1st 2010, you came into this world, and I was so overjoyed.
I had prayed for you for so long. I wanted a baby sister for so long! I was so happy when I found out I was going to have a little baby sister! I love you baby girl. I am sad you are growing up. I really am.
Three is wayyyy to big! Now look at you. You are about to be a big sister yourself! I now little your little baby sister will be proud to have a big sister like you. :D

I love you.


  1. How Sweet! How is your mom doing? And Baby?

  2. aw, so cute! I love little children! They are so sweet. :)

  3. Hannah, Mom is doing very well! And baby, (as far as we know) is doing perfect! Thanks for asking!

    Laura J, I know right!

    Samantha Schow,
    I agree :)

  4. Aww...she's such a sweetie! You've been awarded at Beautiful Girlhood, Aaliyah! See my post here:



  5. Your both tooooo big! I love you girls so so much! Shalom is blessed to have you both.


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