updates.. with not really anything to.. update.

tis` has been a wonderful first 16 days of January.

Lately we have been enjoying all the snow and ice storms! Well.. somewhat. It is very beautiful outside!
I love waking up to 2 inches of snow. I know. 2 inches. Wow. But that`s alot to us people who live in my county.

I have had a horrid cold. ughhh. One of the most frustrating and aggravating things in my opinion.
Especially when you have the cutest little newborn baby sister ever, whom you aren`t allowed to hold,
because you might get her sick. Sad.. I love her. I say it a million times a day.

Heres a picture so you can remind yourself of how cute she is.
Don`t you just want to squeeze her?!?
 Anyways. Enough gawking over my baby sis.
Give me your attention.

So. Hopefully i get this cold over with so i can hold her more often. *silent prayer* please Lord! o please!
Well. Here i go talking about her again! She is just SO adorable!



  1. Aw, but she IS so adorable, Aaliyah! Hope your cold gets better soon - how terribly frustrating for you:-( Many blessings, Kelly

  2. Aw, I'm sorry you have a cold. Get better soon!

    AW!! She is SO cute. What's her name?

  3. So. Stinking. Cute! Aw, she is so small and adorable!


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