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Hey there!

I was just gonna remind everyone real quick, about my graphic designs, and blog designs. The best part is, the're totally FREE! Here in the photos, are just a few of my headers i have made. I can do:

-And much more!

I designed both of my blogs, and , and others. My clients were all very satisfied.

I can do any image(s) you want. I can do up to six image headers. I can also do one image headers, as shown. If you dont have any images, i would be happy to find them for you. :)

If you would like a blog design please fill out this form, and email me at:


Name: ___________________________

Style or design (shabby,elegant, modern, etc) _______________________________________

Package: (complete redo, or certain things.) ______________________________

Any particular images? If so, please attach them in the email.

Hope to hear from you soon!



  1. Anonymous2/22/2014

    Lovely designs!!!! You are very talented!:D

  2. Hey, Aaliyah. :) We really haven't been commenting on each other's blogs...have we? Well, I love the new design for this blog of yours! I would definitely ask you to do a design for me, if I weren't already into that stuff and know how, since you are great at it! <3
    I miss our skyping days...
    Keep up the posts!
    Tane ♥
    P.S. I've moved my blog. :)

  3. Your designs are so elegant, Aaliyah! I have nominated you for two awards on Beautiful Girlhood -

    How is your baby sister doing?


  4. Thanks Tane! I miss you too! (Skype-ing that is :)

    And thanks Kelly-Anne!
    Shalom Joyanna is doing AWESOME!
    Thanks for asking!

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    Best regards,


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