Sunshine Award!

Sorry it took me so long to finally post this!
I usually don't like to do awards, but only for you Tane ;-) Thanks. Haha!

Anyways, so lets get started!

First off, the rules:
→Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
→Answer the questions they asked you.
→Nominate other bloggers.
→Give them a list of questions.
→Let them know that they have been nominated.
→The Sunshine Award button must be on your blog post.

Now, Tane`s questions:

→If you had to choose one smell to be the only smell you smelt for the rest of your life, what smell would it be? [that was a bit of a weird question, but try saying it five times fast. OK. guess it's not that hard...] --  Hmm... probably a book store :-D I love them!

 →What's your favorite quote? [stolen question]  Does Bible verses count? 1 Colossians 3:14

 →What blog do you find the most inspiring out of the blogs you visit? [it would be nice if you linked to it]  I love all my followers, and who I follow, but Tane. Girl your blog is so amazing. It gives me a mystical, cool, dreamy feeling every time I visit it :-)

 →What is a life dream of yours? To go to Paris and gaze upon the Eiffel Tower. And also to get married and have a little girl (among many other children if that's what the Lord wants) named Hadassah Grace. I simply ADORE that name! Esther is my favorite biblical character besides of course, Jesus.

 →How old were you when you started your blog? 10. So in the end of 2011.

 →Would you prefer a trip to the beach for the day or an overnight camping trip? Oh definitely the beach. Im not much of a camping, roughing it kinda gal.

 →Choose one place you'd like to visit above all other places in the world. [doesn't have to be a country, it can be a particular place, or a shop even, if you like] What is it? Paris! I already said that. And the Buckingham Palace, Ireland, and out of those two places I would LOVE to go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked. Ah I cant even imagine.

 →Do you prefer asking questions or answering questions? Answering for sure. I am wondering right now what Im going to ask.

 →Strawberry pattern or watermelon pattern? Strawberry. Even though I don't really like either.

 →Fiction or non-fiction? It depends. I like realism, but sometimes its good to go to a land where anything is possible.

 →Which question out of all the ones I've asked did you enjoy the most? The smell one. I wish my room smelt like a bookstore. That reminds me that I need to order that Bookstore scented candle on Etsy...

Okay. Heres my questions:

-Android or Apple?

-Do you or don't you want to go to college?

-If you did, what do you want to go for?

-Favorite color and why?

-What do you want to see more from my blog?

-Need a new blog design? haha

-Favorite clothing store?

Okay now my nominators:


Sara Jayne


Thanks again! Gonna run! haha not really.



  1. Oh, thank you so much, Aaliyah dear. Makes me very happy - you doing this award.
    And as for your answer to the question: favorite blog to visit...
    You are SO kind! Eeehhh!! You made me smile and feel all happy inside. You are so wonderful. xxx and btw, I love your blog design so much.
    Not as much as you, though.
    Hehe, really wish we could meet in real life. <3
    Tane 💗

  2. Oh, I love the answers you gave to those questions, Aaliyah! Especially the one about the book store - you really must love reading:-). Love, Kelly


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