hey there! I am so ashamed of myself for not posting for so long, and when i did, it was just a Youtube video! Ugh!


I had my 13th birthday the 23rd of April! For you tweens out there, no it does not feel any different being
a teenager. I always thought it would, but nope! I had a wonderful birthday. I had a small party with some
friends and family the Friday after my party, and then had a sleepover afterwards, and had friends over for literally a week.  I know.

And I started a "job"! I have started volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center :-) I sort baby clothes, etc. Mainly a "behind the scenes" worker. It is wonderful, but it is difficult being on the other side of it. Like for example, on my first day, they got a call from a Mother looking for abortion pills for her 16 year old daughter. The director talked to her, and finally convinced her to come in for an ultrasound and possible counselling. They hoped an ultrasound would help her, to convince her to keep her child. I was praying the
entire time for the mother, and her daughter, and the father of this child. It was... hard!

Shalom is 4 months old now! She is getting so big! She can say "da da" and she is very alert!

I am graduating 8th grade the 17th of May! I will be the youngest high-schooler on the stage. Hehe!
I taught myself to read at 4, and start school from there, so im two years ahead i think. My little brother, Judah will be graduating 1st grade with me also.

April 6th, I went to a Kari Jobe`s "Majestic" concert!  (my second Kari Jobe concert!) Rend Collective, and Warren Barfield was also there! That makes 7 singers ive seen. We also got VIP tickets, so I was able to ask Kari and Chris (lead singer of Rend Collective) questions, at a private Q&A with the other VIP`s. It was awesome!

Well. I cant think of any other updates.. Bye for now! Love you all!



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  2. Happy birthday! WARNING: You have reached the threshold of teendom. Anything you say can and will be used against you by your parents, peers, and siblings. You have the right to blog, the right to stay up until one in the morning texting and chatting, and you have the right to stand out from the crowd. Best wishes!

  3. Welcome to the world of teens! Yup, I agree that it absolutely doesn't feel different. Great post, Aaliyah...Shalom is adorable, I have seen instagram photos. So cool that you got to go to that concert...and start a job.
    Love you! Thank you for the comment on my blog, Aaliyah!
    Tane ♥

  4. ps: nominated you on my blog for the Sunshine Award

  5. Happy {late} Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Welcome to the crazy world of teendom!
    Pineapples & Daisies


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