whoops//please help!

wow guys... this is embarrassing! I haven't posted in foreverrrr.

I just forget too, cause with my phone, I can check Instagram, answer Snapchats and texts, and Pinterest, etc. and be done. quick and easy. I haven't really had anything to write about either.
So I ask for your forgiveness, and hope to try better, but I cant promise anything, because, well, you know me. I would REALLY like some post suggestions, or things you would like to see here. It would help me a ton! I would highly appreciate it. So just comment your ideas, and ill see what I can do! Also, should I change the design, or do you like it? I like it, but I want to know what you think, to make this blog better and more interesting in the long run. Thanks all! Your awesome!


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  1. Hi Aaliyah!
    Hmmm...maybe you could write 10 random facts about you? Or maybe write a poem? :-)
    If you would like you could check out my blog. Maybe we could follow each other on blogger? :-)
    ~Katie@ liliesofgrace.blogspot.com
    P.S You have a nice blog.


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