wreck this journal update.

so i promised this post so im going to do it finally. I have been very slow at doing this, as every thing else i promise to do on this blog. So.... here it is! I hope you enjoy this and note that im nothing near an artist, but i try. hehe.
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This page says, "ask a friend to do something destructive to this page. dont look."
So i had multiple friends draw on a part of the page.
It turned out... umm... interesting. 

This page i had to glue pages from a magazine and glue here and circle words i like.
Buttt i changed things up a bit and glued in pictures and things i like.

This page i had to doodle over top of this little article thing (which i did read and throughout the whole thing it was telling me not too. lol) So i wrote destroy, joy,love,hope, the date, my name etc. and added a random leaf to the other page. 

Here i had to do a "tongue painting." So my cousin suggested while eating rainbow sherbet that
i should lick the page then. So i did. And i thought it didnt work, until it dried and turned purple.

Here, i connected the dots from memory. And i did pretty good if i say so myself!
So thats it for now. I will post more once i get more pages finished but i only have this done right now. Hope you liked this post!


  1. Hi! Love your post! It's great. Also, I nominated you for something over on my blog, if you want to check it out?

  2. Such a fun post!
    See me at www.myblue-stripedumbrella.blogspot.com

  3. That's awesome, Aaliyah! I want a journal like that now. :)

  4. This is so awesome! It must have been so much fun :)


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