trials. #tbt

a old entry in my prayer journal that might be encouraging to you..


help me to stay strong in this time.
help me not to fall, give up, and drown, which can be so easy and tempting to do.
help me to stay joyful and to praise You in all things, even when i'm sad and cant lift my head.
I'm silent, but my heart is crying.
But through these tears You will be lifted up.
You will be praised.
You will be my hope.
When it seems i have none.
And You will be my joy, and the light of my soul.
The Song in my heart.
In the shadows,
In the darkness,
when the storm rolls,
and the pain hits,
You are constant, ever present, my all in all.
I wont always understand why i am going through this,
but in the end, i will have new lessons learned,
and the peace that PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.
Its really hard some days...
I cry.
I feel lonely and sad.
But I must never give up.
Never back down.
NEVER stop fighting.
Because that's exactly what the devil wants me to do.
And You alone are worth the fight,
You`re worth every tear, every sad day, every time i feel alone.
Because in the end I will say:

"I have fought the good fight. I`ve finished the race. And i've kept the faith."



  1. Anonymous4/11/2015

    ajdisjdisafjijdisjadisja yesssssss finally been waiting for you're blog! I secretly had a feeling you were going to make one! This is a FANTASTIC entry doll face! :}

  2. WAIT SORRY SCRATCH THAT. i did'nt see previous blog post lololol. you've had yours for a while and it's AMAZING. But stil;l :}}}}}}}}}

    1. JACCCYYYYYYY I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much my dearie!

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  4. I know this is an old post but WOAH. Aaliyah this is truly an amazing entry. I absolutely love this. <3

    1. Thank you :))) thank you SO much.


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