my apologies

I am truly sorry for being so distant. Life has been unbelievably busy for me lately.

So you are reading the writings of a now 14 year old me. Its been almost a month since that change. I don't really feel any different, however I love turning a year older.
I have lots of stuff to post, its just finding the time to do it.

Along with just day to day, big family craziness, we just came back home from a weekend vacation. It was jammed packed and exhausting, but I had a blast. so we are trying to get back into the swing of things now..

Also, if you follow me on Instagram (growinginhisimage) you already know, but my Momma is pregnant with my 9th brother or sister! We are thrilled. Her morning sickness is now subsiding and we now get to enjoy the fun stuff like finding out the gender. Well actually I am the only one finding out! Haha! I am planning a gender reveal party for her which I am ecstatic about.

So again, I am sorry for the crazy posting. I am trying to set up a posting schedule and we will see how that works out. I love you all and hope you'll see more of me! Haha!



  1. Congrats!!! It's always fun to have a new sibling. Oohh, do you have an idea for the gender reveal? :D Sounds like fun! :D Happy belated birthday!

    1. Thank you!
      And I have a couple ideas but no set on a plan yet. I'll post pictures!

  2. Happy birthday, my dear!!!!

    Leah at


    I'm so jealous. A new sibling is so exciting! (Even though I already know from instagram... ;)


    1. Yes! New little siblings are so exciting! Feel free to hop on a plane and come see it! Haha!


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