I didn't honestly have any idea on what exactly i wanted to write about today..
i have no plan of how this is going to go, but i'm going with it.

I've been thinking a lot about friendships lately. It's something that most people don't reconginize as important but it really is essential..
But not just any friendships. 
I'm not talking about the 20 people you call friends who you don't know if you an trust, they talk behind your back sometimes, but you still hang out with them. Not them.

Everyone needs someone in their life who is a true friend, who you can pour your heart out too, someone you can count on getting encouragement from, share your hopes and fears too, someone who will lift you up, and ultimately bring you closer to God instead of farther away. 

If God has blessed you with someone like that thank Him. It's such an amazing thing. Never, ever, overlook it. 
Make sure that special friend in your life knows how much you care. 

Sometimes life drags us down. 
A lot actually. 
Having someone you're close too, to encourage, and you can talk too, is a huge blessing to have in times like that. 
Or even if you're not having a rough time, it's still amazing.

God gives the gift of friendship for a reason. For so many reasons that would take forever to talk about. 
A friend (winking emoji) recently reminded me of the story of David and Jonathan. The two of them have such a sweet friendship. I especially love this scripture about them: 

"As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul." 1 Samuel 18:1 (ESV) 
You see? True friendship is described here! David and Jonathan loved one another as themselves. (If you haven't, I would highly suggest reading about David. It's one of my favorites.)
Another great example of friendship is Jesus and His disciples. Jesus truly have his all to his friends. Everything. His knowledge of God, even His life. When you read about The Last Supper, He was in tears when He was telling them He would die. Jesus had such a strong relationship with His disciples that we should strive for in a friendship. 
So I guess what I'm saying here is, choose your friends wisely and find a true one. If you don't have one, or you feel like there's no hope, I assure you there is. God will provide, as He always does. Pray, pray, pray, for that. Cause I promise you, one true friend is better than thousands. 

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  1. Anonymous7/11/2015


    I think that speaks all the words for me \\


    1. can you stop so I can stop crying now


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