a old prayer journal entry....

i got told the other day that one of my so-called "friends", that i am "too nice",
i laughed out loud!
i am grateful that thats the reason she doesnt like me.
i dont like to be unliked, but that gives me a hope that You are shining through me.
You said i would be persecuted.
I would rather the world hate me because of You, than be famous without You.
In You i have hope.
You hold me in Your hands and hug me with a warm embrace.
Because of You, i have a brighter tomorrow.
You have sustained my every need and Your grace overwhelms me.
Your love is just indescribable.
Let Your light shine through me in such an amazing way, that people stop and wonder what I have.
Help me to be willing to risk everything for You and never look back.
Let me be an encourager to others, and a lantern to show them the way in the dark.
Help me to be loving, and even more condsiderate.
Make me a bright, and beautiful flower, coming out of dark soil with thorns all around.
Let me glisten in your sunlight, and dance in your beautiful rain.
Help me to cherish every moment of this wonderful life you've given me.
I could go on and on.
But most of all, help me love You with an unconditional, crazy, amazing love.
A bond that would be impossible to break, no matter how hard the tugging.
You are worth any trials I may go through.
Just the thought of You makes me smile.
I'm so glad you adopted me as Your own and call me by name.
I strive to be Your humble servant who is obedient in all things.
I love you so much, Daddy.



  1. Anonymous7/11/2015

    "Make me a bright, and beautiful flower, coming out of dark soil with thorns all around"

    My dear sunflower you are doing just that.

    you were made to bloom, bloom, bloom.

    I am crying again.

    1. NOW IM CRYIN.
      Ilysm. Ugh you're great.


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