be you.


its such a one-of-a-kind thing.
no one else could ever be you if they tried.
and that's pretty cool.

NEVER be afraid to be yourself.
don't conform to others molds.
you are unique and that's okay.
its actually more than okay.
God made you perfect just the way you are.

this is something i struggle with SO much.
a lot of times, i feel very, very, insecure around new people, because i wonder what they will think of me.
i worry what they will think of my personality, my humor, even dumb things like my clothing.
its an easy thing to do.
i have to realize that i shouldn't worry about things like that.
God made me just the way i am and i shouldn't want to change that.
A LOT of times i look at other girls, and even my friends and think, "why are they so gorgeous all the time and i cant even take a selfie where i don't look like a dork?!?!"
but then i stop and realize, even though those feelings are still there, i shouldn't think that.
God took so much care into making me, and i am complain and basically saying He made me ALL wrong.
Its like this:
imagine if you spent all week on a gift for a friend. You put so much care and detail into the gift. You decorated it with all their favorite colors, and just knew they would love it!
Then, you give them the gift and they look at it and complain.
"Well, i saw this same gift somewhere else that looked so much better than this." or,
"couldn't you have done better?!?!"
Wouldn't you be hurt?! You spent so much time, and put so much love into it, for them to just complain and hate it.
Imagine how God must feel when we complain about our features or looks.

Insecurity is pretty much inevitable, but we should not let it overtake our minds.
God made YOU for a purpose NO ONE else can do. Do you realize that?!
Its such an important thing to remember.

so i'm going to end this with saying,
be you, fearlessly.
be a dork. dorks are the best kinda people in my opinion. I'M ONE!!!!
don't ponder what others may think of you. cause in all actuality, they probably like you more than you think.
always, always, ALWAYS, remember God made you for a reason, and no one can take your place.



  1. Thank you, this is beautiful.


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  3. Anonymous7/11/2015


    1. you are great. your comments literally make me everything.


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