keep the faith.

"keep the faith"

that phrase means a lot to me.

i went through i very dark period in my life... and it was long. 
most nights i cried myself to sleep. 
i asked God "why" every day. 
i just wanted to scream.
i could give you journal entry, upon journal entry, of me pouring my heart out to God. 
i honestly didn't, and still don't know exactly what i was struggling with. 
i felt alone.
i felt worthless.
i thought no one cared if i lived or died. 
it was a very difficult feeling. 
i couldn't figure my feelings out. 
if you asked me what my problem was, i probably wouldn't be able to tell you. 

but i pressed on. 
i wanted to give up.. but i didn't. 
i held on to Gods promises to get me through. 
i don't know exactly how long this time lasted, but it felt like an eternity. 

but one day, ah. 

one day as we were worshiping in church one Sunday, the chains broke.the weight was lifted,
and i felt closer to God than i ever had. 
it was a truly amazing feeling. 
i cried and cried and thanked God for pulling me through. 
the clouds were lifted. 
for the first time in forever i was truly happy, 
not to say i never go through rough patches, but i learned so much about keeping the faith, 
and seeking God, finding hope, and never giving up, and ultimately letting Satan know that MY GOD IS STRONGER than anything he could ever throw my way. 
Satan is nothing. 
never let him have power. 
God will only put you through things he KNOWS you can handle. 
always remember that. 

you may not always know the answers, but that's okay. cause i know a God who does. 


  1. Anonymous7/11/2015

    brb crying

  2. Anonymous7/11/2015

    i have literally went through this same thing. i love you <3

    1. Do you know how much I love you?! Nope.
      You're amazing dear.

  3. I loved this. Annnd I guess I can kinda relate.
    Your writing is beautiful.

    x Nine

  4. The same thing happened to me, Ali, I know how it is. And it's hard. And it feels like it will never end. But you are right, Jesus is always standing there with his arms stretched wide, ready to hold us. I thank God for that. I thank Him for carrying me through every storm.


    -T. x


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