// forgiveness //

its not an easy task.
we are told to forgive, but sometimes its easier said than done. 
i've experienced that personally alot.

but i was recently reminded of a beautiful picture. 
Jesus on the cross.
even when the soldiers were beating him cruelly, so cruelly we probably couldn't put into words, people spat in His face, and mocked Him for something He was innocent of, His words were:
"Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do."

i don't know about you guys, but one of my biggest things that aggravates me about people, is either lying about me, or accusing me of something they either have no evidence of, or isn't true to begin with.  it really gets under my skin. and sadly, people do that to me often.
i get so upset and angry and ask, "what did i ever do to them?!"
but instead of holding a grudge, or being unforgiving, i have learned to forgive.
i deal with this to often than i would like to have too.
i don't know why, but almost every "friend" ive ever had except the few i have been able to
weed out, always back-bite me, and treat me wrongly, when i have done no wrong to them.
it hurts. a lot. 
people will  wrong you. it happens.
should they? no.
but they do.
i'm not saying AT ALL i am even near perfect in this area.
but you will have a whole lot happier life when you learn to forgive.
people have literally chewed me out before over something i didn't even do,
but you know what i do?
i smile, and respond with "okay. well, ill talk to you later! i love you!"
so instead of feeding it, which is what the person usually wants you to do,
throw it back at them with kindness! it works every time i promise ;)
for some, there are bigger problems that they have that requires forgiveness.
for some, smaller.
but either way, being forgiving is always something we should strive to do.
"A soft answer turneth away wrath." Proverbs 15:1

but back to the Jesus picture.
so many times we think forgiveness is so hard. (and it is but just stay with me ;) )
but Jesus went through SO much. yet, He never was angry with them.
it amazes me.
Jesus is, and always will be the perfect example of how our character should be.

i don't exactly know where i'm going with this, but its just something that has been on
my heart and i thought i would share.

xoxo A.M.


  1. Yes! Jesus is our ultimate example of forgiveness! And what a good thing it was for us!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this post! It's so true <3 Forgiving is always easier said than done. But I think when we step back and realize all that Christ as done for us, we realize that we have done nothing to deserve forgiveness from Him. Therefore, we should be able to forgive others in the same way because of our love for Him.


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