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ciao guys! long time, no see! life has been really busy lately with the holidays and whatnot, but i am hoping to get back in full-swing blogging mode because my parents graciously gifted me with a mini laptop for Christmas! so to start this new blogging season, I figured it would be appropriate to share some life updates and I am an Instagram lover and share almost daily, so I have lots of memories on there!

So for about six weeks, our homeschool co-op had a 50's dance class! Boy, was that fun! I don't claim to be a good dancer, but I can now safely say I have mastered the east-coast swing dance. ;)

And here is the result of the dance classes! My childhood dream of a sock hop finally came true! so we dressed up in our best fifties attire, and danced the night away! it was loads and loads of fun. This is me and my good friend Alivia behind me!

on November 27th, my baby niece turned one! crazy how time flies.

In early December i attended our annual Christmas parade for the first time since I was 7!

our homeschool co-op had a rollerskating Christmas party! ah, i miss that day.

this is a stained glass window that over-shadows some reading chairs at our public library. i love it.

I met these two this year. (Jacy, me, then Alivia) I've known JacyRayn for a year in February, and Alivia this September! they are both bloggers (links in names), and we are already tightly-knitted :) I give you The Three Musketeers! Haha! #jayliviyah (just realized i actually never posted this on Instagram. Oh whale. :P)

I hosted my 3rd annual Christmas party this year! I vote it was the funnest one yet! A lot of people couldnt      make it which was sad, but we also had Jacy and Alivia as our newcomers, and we had a blast. We played our traditional game of Dirty Santa, did some draw prizes and more games, and then just hung out and even had an unplanned dance party! Alivia and I did our 50's swing dance, and Jacy taught us some contra! It was all-in-all a really fun day.

                                               Shalom turned 2 on Christmas Eve! What?! How?!

Ah. Christmas Day. It was wonderful. I was blessed beyond measure and miss it already.

Most recent update: last night (Dec. 25th) I seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens! I got home at almost 1am but it was soooo worth it. Man it was good. Also heart-wrenching.... Also funny. No words for this movie.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my life these past two months! You will hear from me very soon!



  1. Love it!! Especially the polaroid of your Christmas tree๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’™

  2. AWH! I love YOU! Thanks love :)


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