I thought I'd pick this back up. It's fun. And there's plenty of awkward situations I somehow get myself into.


- Meeting an El Salvadorian woman at a good friends house, and while making pupusas, she is talking to me. Most of what she is saying I can easily understand, but this time I didn't catch anything. So I just slowly shake my head and say, "oh yeah?!" and then one of my friends (who is around her a lot) translates, seeing I didn't get it.

- Telling your little brother I don't know how many times, "No, you cannot have my Starbucks iced coffee. Please don't drink it." and then going to town with your grandma, coming back, and he is standing there drinking it and says, "Mom said I could have your coffee." with a mischievous grin.

- Getting your tongue tied and having to say the same sentence you're trying to get out five times, and still saying it wrong.

- Trying to say, "no I don't want a rewards card" to the lady at Big Lots and then her still trying to convince you and then thinking you're older than you are. (that happens a lot)
"Haha, I don't think I'm old enough."
*shaking head* "Oh no, you are."

- Expeirimenting with blog desings and messing up your blog so bad that when you go to it online it's just a page full of coding. Praise the Lord I listened to others advice and saved my blog template so it was an easy fix.

- Reaching into the cheese bag to get some out for quesadillas and then this happening:
Me: "This cheese... why is it all cold.."
*friend continues to die laughing until neither of us can breathe*
I was trying to get out that the cheese had been frozen and it felt really weird, and still frozen a bit, but it came out completely wrong.

- Literally not being able to breathe over a meme on Instagram, and then showing your mom and she just sits there and says, "I don't get it, like why is that funny" and then looking at me like I'm an idiot. (which actually, I probably am LOL)

- Swing dancing in a Walmart aisle thinking no one is around and then you look and someone is staring at you. Yep. Happened wayyy too many times than I'd care to mention.

- Trying to secretly take a picture of a guy who looks IDENTICAL to Peter Parker in a public restaurant. I just really hope he didn't see us take the picture, orrrr seeing us freaking out because he could literally be the actors twin.

- Taking a mirror selfie of you making a funny face to send to your friends and then someone coming through the door RIGHT as you're taking it, and then trying to act like you were just texting. ugh, I'm such an awkward person.

                           AWESOME OPOSSUM:

- Learning that you can apparently do pretty much *perfect* overhand serves when you never even learned how. When.. did that.. happen..?

- Buffalo dip. K, I'll hush now.

- Hearing Rachmaninoff for the first time. I was swooning.

- Being unexpectedly really excited for your new Literature.

- Picking up the ukulele and being able to play several songs the first day I got it *laughing emojis*. This now makes three instruments I can play, and I am satisfied, but ready to learn as many as possible!

- Your little brothers losing your favorite History Channel series (America: The Story of Us), but then realizing it's on Netflix and then jumping for joy. (I'm kinda a history fanatic and yes, I watch history documentaries for pure enjoyment. Watch that series. It's good.)

- Only having two years of school left. That's the only thing that pulls me through high school at this point.

- Pumpkin pie. Just because it isn't fall anymore doesn't mean I can't make it right?!

- Pride and Prejudice (2005 version, which is totally better. Your argument is invalid. The old one does not compare. Sorry, not sorry) finally getting put on Netflix. Yas. Now I just have to force all my deprived friends to watch it. *cough* Jacy *cough* Alivia *cough*

- Group chats. Pretty hilarious stuff found there. But also, you can find an awesome support group there too. ;) #jayliviyah #DorksRUs #neaturewalk #TheThreeMusketeers (think I got 'em all)

- Trying tamales (made by the El Salvadorian woman) for the first time, and THEN being able to say, "hot tamale" and it actually being relevant.

                  That's some funny, awkward, and awesome stuff about my life right now.
I hope you enjoyed that :)



  1. I REMEMBER THE PETER PARKER THING YOU GOT SO EXCITED LOLOL. I also see our #hashtags from group chat :D

      BUT NO LIE LIKE HE HAD TO HAVE BEEN THE REAL DEAL LOLOLOL and yas hashtags on fleeekkkkk


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