Hey you guys!! The blog party is continuing for today, tomorrow, and possibly the next depending on if the poster decides too!!!
I had this all planned out strategically, but apparently not as strategically as I thought.
It was going to go for a week exactly, ending yesterday--the blog party, but my internet was out yesterday, so I couldn't post, and then we still somehow have two more posts!
But I don't consider this a bad thing though. We get to party for even longer. Totally not bad at all.
Anyways, let's get into the post for today!

I invited Kianna from kianna rose etc. to post for us! 
She is such a sweet person and I think I met Kianna when we both contributed to Kathryn's (previous guest poster) story-writing blog, Breathings of Your Heart.
Her love for Jesus is undeniable and do we even have to mention her incredible writing and photography skills?!?!
Her blog is definitely one of my absolute favorites. 
You'll love her, and her post! This post is so helpful. BELIEVE me. 

Aaliyah xx


Hello! Hello! For those of you who don't know, my name is Kianna Rose and I blog over at kianna rose etc.. I love life and here, you'll get a peak into what makes mine special, both the ordinary + the extraordinary. New York City is my home, pink is always a good idea and Jesus is my first love. I’m the girl who loves to laugh (maybe because I don't have braces on anymore?!), likes to indulge in decadent chocolates (umm.. have you tasted sea salt chocolate, of any kind?) and dabbles in lots of different things (baking, watching documentaries, eating, sleeping... you know, the usual.) I read, write and take pictures too. Pretty much, I think British accents are the best (Irish and Australian ones too), pasta dishes are so fancy (Ramen noodles included!)

I'm so glad to take part in Aaliyah + Growing In His Image's blog birthday! You rock girl! And since Aaliyah is celebrating her 4 year blogging anniversary, I thought a blogging related post would be best suited! So, here's 3 WAYS TO BE A BETTER BLOGGER

1. BE YOURSELF- Blogging is usually an impersonal experience. You sit on your side of the computer screen and type while another person is on the other side, reading your posts. I think that being yourself is the best way to let your readers know just who you are. Maybe do a "Random Facts About Me" post or maybe even a vlog? I think that these unexpected post ideas will help your readers feel a connection to you as a person and not just as a blogger.

2. CONNECT- I LOVE connecting with other bloggers. This doesn't mean collaborating cross country. It can simply be commenting on their posts, sending them an email, or sharing the love on your own blog. It's important to connect with other readers and bloggers because then your online community grows into a place for encouragement and friendship.

3. DON'T GIVE UP- Oftentimes, we become consumed with how many comments or GFC followers our blogs have and when the results aren't quite what we expected, we are tempted to give up. I say, "DON'T GIVE UP!" It's not about followers and comments and all that other stuff. Blogging is about writing for the fun of it and sharing YOUR story with others!

What are your tips for better blogging? What blogs do you read most often?
Kianna Rose

Don't forget to head over to Kianna's blog and give it a follow! Her posts are so enjoyable to read.
Every.Single.One. <3

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