Today is the day. My blog is four.
Today marks the day of new beginnings, and for me, remembering what I was doing this day four years ago.
I was sitting at my computer bravely making a blog all by myself (haha designer since day one), and asking my mom for advice because I had no clue what to name it. I think she gave some good advice. It's stuck.
My blog name, Instagram username, and my email has all taken the same name.
I was looking on Shabby Blogs for a background.
(not sure if Shabby Blogs is still the thing, but when I made mine it was THE thing to do. Everyone used it!)
I finally settled on a Paris/Eiffel Tower background and wrote my first post, which I am sharing below!
Fast forward four years later, and things have changed. I'm hoping it was for the better. *laughing emoji*
Now, you would probably think by now I would be the best blogger ever but... HA. 

However, I have learned so much about blogging, and feel like I am definitely doing better than I was four years ago. Yikes. That's all I have to say. *laughing emojis*
Speaking of which, now I am going to share a couple posts that really, really, really embarrass me. Feel loved that I not only have not deleted these, but that I am actually putting them on a silver platter, so to speak, so you can see them. Feel very loved, friends. 
*breathes in deeply* here we go. 

"Bad News ;( "

So apparently, eleven-year-old Aaliyah thought she should make a world-wide announcement that her dear, dear camera has broken. I mean yeah, I was pretttyy sad about it but uh.. Does the whole world really need to know? No. The answer is no. 

"Frogs, Eggs and More!"

 HAHA! We mustn't forget this classic. 
Why.. did I..? Don't ask, because honestly I have NO clue. 
It won't let you see the pictures for some reason, but they were pictures of my siblings and I holding frog eggs we found in an old cooler at my house. No lie. I completely forgot about this post and I laughed pretty hard. Wowza. I mean, frog eggs are cool and all but uh.. yeah I'm just gonna leave this here. 

"In Memory.."

Okay so all you animal lovers out there are probably about to slay me, so let me explain myself. 
The fact that the orphaned baby rabbits that I adopted and took care of, and then died in my arms, is not funny or embarrassing, but the post itself is. 
"In Loving Memory... 
If you want to know the story email me at meeceaaliyah@yahoo.com" (email is now different by the way)
But like... what? Why did every individual have to email me to hear the story of how my bunnies died?
And trust me, they did email me. I had been updating everyone about the bunnies for days and then I don't even tell them what happened to them. "email me if you want to know the story" LOL!


This day, four years ago. I still laugh at this post. 
Notice how I spelled "encourage"

Okay so now, moving away from the embarrassing moments, here's some of my favorite posts. 

I love this post because honestly I wrote it not only as an encouragement to other people, but for myself. A lot of times I give advice when actually, I need the uplifting just as much as they do. The other two for the same reason :)

This reminds me to live life as fully as I can.
I realize it probably sounds really strange that I can be encouraged to do something by my own writings, but hopefully someone understands what I mean haha! 

And lastly, one of my posts I got the most comments on:

I almost didn't post this one, and honestly felt like it wasn't that great but felt really compelled to share it, so I did (though very un-confidentially) but apparently everyone loved it so I consider this a successful post :)


1. Continue to write from my heart. Posts are posts, but when wrote from your heart it changes the whole thing. Write about something you have passion about. If I write just to have a new post up, I'm missing the point, and it will be evident through my posts that I'm not *in to it*. Ya feel?

2. Learn more about HTML/CSS coding and improve my designing skills not only for myself, but for others as well. 

3. Take more pictures and share them. I feel like with having my iPod I don't pull out my camera as much. I used to take and share pictures on here all the time. I need to get back to that.. Moments aren't forever and can't be relived, but pictures help :)

4. Get back to tags/giveaways/things that involve my readers. When I first started blogging, it seemed everyone was always doing some sort of tag or giveaway, and it was loads of fun for me as a reader to participate. I want to start the new circle of tags. May seem kinda an old thing, but I really liked it, and everyone else seemed to too!

5. Continue to be consistent in my posting. Since I now have a laptop of my own it is so easy for me to post more, edit pictures, design, etc. My hope is I will stay in the routine of posting *at least* twice a week!

So those are my goals. My prayer and hope is that this blog will encourage and uplift, but ultimately draw you and I closer to the Lord. I will very quickly admit that I am not the best blogger. In any way shape or form. But hopefully these words that spill from my fingertips will encourage someone out there :)

So here we go into a new year for Growing in His Image.
I'm grateful for every single follower, and every view or comment you leave.
It's been a wonderful journey and learning experience.
I am so glad 11-year-old me decided to just make a blog despite my thoughts of it being weird for me to do so, or thinking I was too young. So glad.

So, without further ado, I welcome you all to my fourth year.
Let's grow in His image together. :)


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    1. Thanks Bec! Can't wait to share your post!

  2. HAPPYYY BLOG BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!! Highkey in love with your old posts that you shared. and i think you will DEFINITELY meet those goals of yours! LOVE YA


  3. Loved this post! Happy Birthday!


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