JAN. 15TH, 2016 // NO MORE BRACES!

The glorious day came. 
After five-and-a-half long years of braces, they finally took the top ones off today. 
So happy. 
I wasn't expecting it at all. 
"Your top teeth look great! Wanna take the braces off on top today?"
"UH.. YEAH SURE!!!!"
I was singing the 'hallelujah chorus' in my head, I think.
I don't really consider this "blog worthy", but I am currently on break from social media/texting, so I thought my friends and family might want to see! 

They said they would take the bottoms off in about 4 weeks, and I get my retainer Wednesday! 
I'm overjoyed even though I feel like I have horse teeth cause I'm totally not used to not having a mouth full of metal! 
I feel like I look way weird, but I keep reminding myself that this is the first time I haven't had braces in almost six years, so I proabably should feel like I look weird haha! 
My family can't get used to it either. 
So anyways, here's an update of the most exciting part of my day. 



  1. Oh yay!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Can't wait t see your face.
    Love you BIG

    1. YES! I am so happy. And me either! We need to have our coffee date and wall hunt soon!


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