As you can tell from the title, I am going to be sharing 50 facts you may or may not know about me!
I'm not too interesting or anything so this might take me several days to do! Haha, I'll update you on that. ;)
So lets go! 

update: this took two days.
1. I am an INFJ if you're into personality types. Read that link and you'll learn a lot about me haha.
2. When I was younger (and even up until about two years ago) I was the girliest person alive. I still have a slight touch, but not NEAR as much as before. Comfy band t-shirts and combat boots please. 
3. Give me chocolate almond milk and I will hug you. Or this Promised Land chocolate milk.
4. I love all things musical. I currently play three instruments (piano, guitar and ukulele), although I don't claim to be good at any of them, and you can very often find me humming or banging on the table to the tune in my head. And then my mom tells me to stop banging on the table. "But mom, it's music!"
5. I would love to be able to draw well. Art is something I want so badly to be good at. Also to write beautiful poetry. I especially envy you, Tane. LOL
6. I have never moved except for once when I was two and my parents got married. But, of course, I don't remember it, so I don't think it even counts. #farmgirlsinceday1
7. I love being complimented, but feel awkward when said to my face. What do I even say?!
8. I am a historical freak. Some of my biggest dreams involve visiting the Anne Frank House, the Rotunda of National Archives Building, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
(which I am finally almost old enough to visit. Parents, if you're reading this, I want to do this for my birthday k?)
When I visited the Titanic Museum in Gatlinburg, TN a couple years back I think I almost faited.
9. I only tried my first Girl Scout cookie just two years ago.
10. Stepping onto fresh, untouched snow makes me actually really, really sad. Like not even playing.
11. With #10 being said, I'm really sentimental about really small things that most people don't care about.
12. I hate math with every stitch of my being. I would actually enjoy school if math didn't exist. Learning is fun! Until math comes along. *And then satan put the alphabet in math*
13. I was a really strange kid. I didn't realize it until I was older because my family never told me how weird I actually was. I went through so many obsessive stages of just really odd stuff. And I was just strange in general. It would take me way too long to say how. But for example: I once had an obsession with cupcakes. I made 16 dozen cupcakes in one day before. Then it was crafts. I wish I could have all the money I spent on stickers and scrapbook paper. Also, notebooks. I still am kinda in that stage. I have an extreme thing for a leather journal and a really good black pen.
14. I've never had a love for animals really. Like I notice they exist, but like I don't go crazy or anything. Unless it's a baby of any kind, or a Basset Hound of course. ;)
15. I am a devout pro-lifer. I cry if I think about it too long, and I love volunteering at our local pregnancy crisis center. But it also makes me cry being there.
16. I collect Peace Tea cans. I had every one of them but like two, and then they got mysteriously thrown out. *faceplam*
17. Baby bellies fill me with joy. Luckily, I can look at my mom's six-months-along belly everyday!!
18. My biggest fear is what could happen. Every single thing I do I play the game of lets-see-how-many-things-I-can-think-of-that-could-possibly-go-wrong! I cried a couple times at Dollywood. And scream-prayed for God to save me and keep me safe for all the riders to hear.
19. My favorite chocolates are the Lindt Lindor Truffles of any kind. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.
20. I waited 9 1/2 years before I finally got a baby sister. God just decided to give me four brothers first. ;)
21. When I was younger, For about three or four years I had an EXTREME obsession with Mr. Abe Lincoln for no reason at all. I had a picture framed of him, and a collectible knife with his face on it which I still have.
22. Continuing with my people obsessions, I also -- at the same time-- had one with Johnny Cash. Oh, and Dolly Parton. (I seen her in person last year so my childhood dream was finally fulfilled. Late, but fulfilled.) Again, no reason at all. Funny thing is, now I despise country music, but I still know 99% of the words to Ring of Fire and Jolene. ;)
23: Bread is probably my favorite food. LOL! Prettty much. Hawaiian bread. Potato bread. Garlic naan. It tastes and smells so good. Oh yasss.
24. I'm convinced I could watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens a million times over. #teamlightside
25. Speaking of Star Wars, my favorite character is and always will be Han Solo.
26. I want to go to Israel so bad it's not even funny. I would gladly push aside my fear of planes to go.
27. I plan (and have been for years) on naming my first girl Hadassah. I just pray my husband likes it. I have forbidden my parents to use it, although they really want too haha!
28. I don't have Facebook, and have no desire for one. When I was younger, Facebook was like amazing to me, but now.. No. Just give me Instagram and my blog and I'm happy. I just realized how hipster that sounded. Whoops.
29. I only like texting on iMessage. Texting apps, Skype, Kik, etc. annoy me. I want all my messages in one easy place. I guess my need for organization comes out in texting too? iMessage is bae. *laughing emojis*
30. This is taking so much time and thought.
31. It came to my realization the other day that I have bought the RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG. album by For King and Country three times, in three different forms. MP3, CD, and Vinyl.
32. My favorite oldie shows are: The Cosby Show (#1 fave), and Full House (highkey freaking out over Fuller House).
33. My favorite color is blue. Preferably turquoise or indigo. Mint is also a favorite.
34. I mentioned above my fear of planes (it's actually an extreme fear). But I've never been on a plane before. #IthinkLOSTistoblame. I'm convinced though, if/when I do, I will literally hyperventilate.
35. When I was little I wanted to be Kit Kittredge, the American Girl. I chopped my hair off like hers, and I got a Basset Hound pup and named it Grace.
36. I taught myself to read at four, and when I was in 7th grade I tested 12th grade level in spelling so my mom hasn't made me do it since haha! But I want too. So I'll do it this year. I like spelling.
*disclaimer: this is not to brag about myself AT ALL. It's not that impressive.*
37. I'm kinda a clean freak, but not extremely. I just cannot function fully if the house is a mess. It makes me feel sloppy. And I can't possibly sleep if my room is messy.
38. I have a "inspiration wall" of sorts that covers 99.9% of my wall. (99.9% is literally an accurate description.) It's full of quotes and hip pictures. The other 1% is all my Polaroids and my calendar.
39. Most the time if I am texting someone and I'm laughing I am usually laughing at MY jokes. I laugh at my own jokes wayyyyyy too much.
40. I saved my birthday money for over seven months before I finally spent it--even though it about killed me to do so. I am an extreme money saver. If I buy something, you know I've been thinking about it for a really long time. I think my record player was a good investment though ;)
41. My brother just came in and informed me that one of the roosters that has been missing was killed by the other rooster, and they just found it. #farmlifeguys
42. I can drive a tractor, but I can't (and am kinda too scared to. Again with what could happen) successfully drive a car.
43. The first time I read Alice in Wonderland when I was about nine, it actually scared me.
44. Matthew Crawley is my FAVORITE Downton Abbey character. #whyhehavetodiethough #cries
45. I am a firm believer that maxi skirts are heaven-sent.
46. The majority of my dreams are either: 1. Someone trying to kill me, or 2. My parents forcing me to marry someone I don't love or know. Weird, I know. The first happens WAY more though.
47. I had naturally curly hair once. Until the lady at the salon who was told to just give the four-year-old a trim decided to chop it off to my ears. My mom cried.
48. I love the library. Being surrounded by books fills me with so much joy. I want to work there too. #dreamworkplace
49. I've started so many novels and never finished them, and then I eventually gave up.
50. My little sister has the bag of Doritos (extreme rarity in our house) and I think I shall go steal some.

That's 50 unnecessary facts about me!
Aaliyah xx


  1. Fantastic list, I loved getting to know more about you. :)
    Ooo, what breeds of chickens do you have and how many? :0

    1. Thank you, Ava!
      And honestly.. I'm not for sure what breed! My brothers kinda take care of them so I don't really know haha! Sad, I know. I think we have about 10-15 though!

  2. I KNEW 99% OF THESE LOL. same on the chocolate, I could eat lindt truffles 24/7. #12 I RELATE TO SO MUCH OH MY GOSH MATH IS EVILL.

      And wow. I'm so proud you know me 99% *crying emoji* *laughing emoji*

  3. Chocolate Almond milk IS amazing. The chicken life is real-just the other day one of ours wandered off & never came back. Most of the time I save my Christmas gift card into Spring!! :D Great post & great fun learning more about you!!

    1. Yes. I could literally drink a gallon, I'm sure haha! And yes. That chicken life is SO real. Glad you understand ;) Thanks for reading Michaila!

  4. I adored this😊 I miss your face young lady!!! I've been trying to get out to see you all for 2 weeks. Hopefully it will happen this week.
    Love you BIG

    1. Awh! I miss you so much! Hopefully you can!


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